Canada One Family Network or COFN, a registered not for profit organisation, supports Traditional Cultural Arts and Performing Arts of China for Canadians


Annually during October, we celebrate the Age of Literati Cultural Festival where we stage our main show in the Flato Markham Theatre. Other events such as an art exhibition from renowned and highest caliber artists of Chinese art and calligraphy, some of whom are invited from China, is being held at the Varley Art Gallery on October 14, 2017. The Age of Literati is a Cultural Festival sponsored in part by Celebrate Markham and Heritage Canada cultural grants program. We have included an Art Contest in 2017, held at the Scarborough Civic Center on October 8, 2017, which is open to all Canadians. Please see our website for details.

Throughout any calendar year, we organize through public or membership requests some special events such as a Calligraphy Exhibition for the York Region Board of Education’s continuing education program where most of the students are recent immigrants. However, as usual, we invite dignitaries and all Canadians to attend. Media coverage was extensive.

We invite businesses and associations to sponsor and co-organize with us and be promoted by our extensive associations of media.


Age of Literati Concert