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Celebrate Multiculturalism Day presented by Canada One Family Network (COFN) at Woodside Square

Canada One Family Network (a registered not-for-profit cultural organisation) is organizing a Celebrate Multiculturalism Day Event as well as celebrating Canada Day at Woodside Square, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough, on June 30-July 2, 2023.

This event is for celebrating the Canada Multiculturalism Day, an opportunity to recognize, celebrate, and learn about the importance of multiculturalism to the Department of National Defence (DND), the

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and to the country. Canada has long been recognized around the world as a role model for multiculturalism and our society is known as a mosaic of many cultures. In fact,

Canada’s 2021 Census reported over 450 ethnic or cultural origins by participants. In 2002, the

Government of Canada enacted Multiculturalism Day as a day to celebrate the vast and important

contributions that Canadians of different cultural backgrounds have made to our society.

This year, the 21st Canadian Multiculturalism Day is about embracing and recognizing the rich, vibrant,

and diverse cultures that make up this great country. We are inviting a multitude of our communities from around the Greater Toronto Area to join us in this wonderful occasion. The three day weekend event will include two indoor concerts on Community Stage in Woodside Square and an outdoor concert in the parking lot out of the Woodside Square with performances ranging from martial arts, dance, singing, musical instruments playing, etc.

Canada One Family Network has worked with the community of the GTA for the last 8 years to bring the appreciation of the performing arts, and literature out to the greater community. Their mission aims to bring awareness and respectability of these arts through exposure, entertainment, exhibitions, and

education. COFN works together with their Literati Seniors, and with their advice, mentorship,

experience and knowledge, COFN is able to introduce Chinese Literati Cultural Heritage at their

Educational Center to mainstream Canadian society and become part of Canada's Multi-cultural "One




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