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Canada One Family Network will be participating in multiple celebration events during Canada Day.

Canada One Family Network (a registered not-for-profit cultural organisation) will promote traditional Tai Chi at a community BBQ event organized by Member of Parliament Shaun Chen, Member of Provincial Parliament Aris Babikian, and Member of Parliament Jean Yip in the Scarborough area in July 2023. Tai Chi enthusiasts from the community are welcomed to participate.

In the 2023-2024 period, the One Family Cultural Center will produce more Tai Chi instructional videos and online programs specifically tailored for the elderly community. These resources will be widely promoted to the public.

For more information, please visit

加拿大一同家园文化中心将于2023年7月份在世嘉堡地区国会议员陈圣源、省议员白必勤、国会议员叶嘉丽组织的社区BBQ烧烤活动上推广传统太极拳。欢迎社区爱好太极拳的人士共同参与。 加拿大一同家园文化中心2023 年至 2024 年度将为社区老年人群体制作更多太极拳教学视频和在线节目,并向公众进行推广。 请访问 查询更多信息。



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