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The celebration of Canada's Multicultural Day was organized by COFN took place at Woodside Mall

Canada One Family Network, a registered non-profit cultural organization in Ontario, Canada, organized the celebration of Canada's Multicultural Day and Canada Day from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023, at Woodside Square (1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough).

Canada has long been recognized worldwide as a model of multiculturalism, with our society being referred to as a multicultural melting pot. According to the 2021 Canadian Census, over 450 ethnic or cultural origins were reported by participants. In 2002, the Canadian government established Multicultural Day to celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds in Canada and recognize the significant contributions of Canadians to our society.

This year marks the 21st Canada's Multicultural Day, aiming to embrace and acknowledge the rich, diverse, and vibrant Canadian culture that has built this great nation. We invite the diverse communities of the Greater Toronto Area to join us for a three-day weekend event, including two indoor concerts at Woodside Square Community Stage and an outdoor concert at the parking lot along Finch Avenue, featuring various performances such as dance, singing, instrumental music, and traditional martial arts.

Over the past 8 years, the One Family Cultural Center has collaborated with communities in the Greater Toronto Area to bring performing arts and literary appreciation to a wider audience. Through performing arts, entertainment, exhibitions, and education, we aim to enhance people's awareness and respect for traditional cultural arts, becoming part of Canada's multicultural "One Family."

Canada One Family Network will also host the Scarborough Market Music & Food Festival from August 18th to 20th at Woodside Square. This unique celebration event will feature live music performances, a food carnival, children's art booths, inflatable castles, local farmers, and backyard gardening, showcasing the multicultural contributions of Canadians to our community. For tourists from all around, this is an excellent opportunity to experience and savor the healthy and joyful Canadian family lifestyle. The richness of this lifestyle contributes to the development and prosperity of this great land while celebrating the artistic and cultural heritage of all Canadians. We sincerely invite everyone to join us. The performances we present include uplifting classical and traditional music, poetry recitations, jazz and pop songs, and dances, along with more creatively contemporary music. We expect over 50,000 people to come and enjoy the power of music and the diverse flavors of world cuisine with renowned artists and musicians. This festival also provides sponsors with an opportunity to promote their corporate image to our community.

Member of Parliament for Scarborough North, Shaun Chen, and City Councillor Jamaal Myers will give speeches, encouraging everyone to celebrate Canada's Multicultural Day and Canada Day, and giving our children the opportunity to recognize, celebrate, and understand the importance of Canada's multicultural heritage.

We express our gratitude to our community stage venue sponsor, Woodside Square Investment Management Corporation, for providing us with an excellent venue and a beautiful and enchanting environment, creating a platform for our local artists and youth art schools. We also thank our Diamond Sponsors, Wukong Education, Beauty&Vogue, and Meisi Kangchen, as well as our booth sponsors and community partners for their support in the successful organization and continuous development of the community stage activities year after year.

We welcome more local businesses to become our community partners and sponsors.

For more information, please visit our website:

For booth sponsorship inquiries, please contact

or call 437-340-5469.

加拿大一同家园文化中心是安省注册非赢利性文化机构,于 2023 年 6 月 30 日至 7 月 2 日在活力商场(Woodside Square, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough)组织庆祝加拿大多元文化日暨庆祝加拿大国庆日活动。

加拿大长期以来一直被世界公认为多元文化主义的榜样,我们的社会被称为多元文化融合体。据加拿大 2021 年人口普查报告,参与普查者有超过 450 个种族或文化起源。 2002年,加拿大政府设立了多元文化日,以庆祝加拿大不同文化背景,表彰为我们的社会做出巨大而重要贡献的加拿大人。

今年是第 21 个加拿大多元文化日,旨在拥抱和认可构建这个伟大国家的丰富多元、充满活力的加拿大文化。我们邀请大多伦多地区的众多社​​区共同加入为期三天、美妙精彩的周末活动,包括在活力商场社区舞台举行的两场室内音乐会和在活力商场 沿FINCH大街停车场举行的户外音乐会,表演内容包括舞蹈、歌唱、乐器演奏、传统武术等。

过去 8 年里,加拿大一同家园文化中心一直与大多伦多地区社区合作,将表演艺术和文学欣赏带到更大范围。旨在通过演艺、娱乐、展览和教育提高人们对传统文化艺术的认知和尊重,成为加拿大多元文化“一同家园”的一部分。

加拿大一同家园文化中心将于 8 月 18 日至 20 日在活力商场举办士嘉堡集市音乐美食节。这场独特的庆祝活动包括现场音乐表演艺术、美食嘉年华、儿童艺术摊位、充气城堡、本地农夫、庭院种植等多样化的社区活动,以表彰加拿大人对我们社区的多元文化贡献。对于来自各地的旅游者来说,这是一个绝佳的机会,可以享受和品味加拿大健康快乐的家庭生活方式。这种生活方式的丰富性,有助于这片伟大土地的发展和繁荣,并庆祝所有加拿大人的起源艺术和文化遗产。诚挚邀请所有人的加入。我们呈现的表演,包括振奋人心的古典和传统音乐、诗歌演唱、爵士和流行歌曲和舞蹈,并能欣赏到更多富有创意的当代音乐。我们预计将有超过 50,000 人前来与著名艺术家和音乐家一起享受音乐艺术的力量、丰富美味的世界美食。这也是赞助商向我们的社区宣传其企业形象的节日。士嘉堡北区国会议员陈圣元 Shaun Chen 和市议员 Jamaal Myers 上台致辞,鼓励大家一起庆祝加拿大多元文化日和加拿大国庆日,让我们的孩子有机会认识、庆祝和了解加拿大国家多元文化的重要性。

我们感谢社区舞台场地赞助商活力商场投资管理公司为我们提供了绝佳的场地和美丽梦幻的环境,为我们本地艺术家和青少年艺术学校建立了平台。我们也感谢悟空中文教育Wukong Education、慧美尚Beauty&Vogue、美思康宸作为钻石赞助商,以及展位赞助商和社区合作伙伴支持社区舞台活动的成功举办和年复一年的持续发展。







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