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The Markham AppleFest is a paradise of joy

During the one-day event, Canada One Family Network set up a booth to promote the upcoming 8th Age of Literati Culture Festival. In this annual arts and culture festival, COFN vigorously promotes the children's poetry recitation, the children's "Poetic Art" calligraphy and painting, and the themed From East to West Poetic Art Classical concert.

COFN has carefully prepared balloon crafts, painting classes, and lion dance experiences workshops for the children.

From morning to night, there are people queuing up every minute, from infants to nearly 100-year-olds to Aboriginal school survivors. Everyone enjoyed art time and had fun in the sun together.

Thanks to Royal Events for sponsoring the handmade cartoon balloons, Lat Yip Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe for sponsoring the lion dance workshop, BBArts Studio and Master Lat Yip for sponsoring the painting workshop.

Canada One Family Network is soliciting sponsors for the 8th Age of Literati Culture Festival. Interested merchants please contact 4163997129 or for consultation.

More information please visit




感谢Royal Events 赞助手工制作卡通气球,叶浪龙狮舞团赞助舞狮工作坊、BBArts Studio 和叶浪师傅赞助绘画工作坊。

一同家园文化中心正在征集第八届文人时代文化艺术节赞助商,有兴趣的商家请速联系4163997129或 咨询。



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