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You must have noticed true leaders are needed to better humanity. As our communities grow, leaders become a critical requirement. We are very much seniors focused.

It all starts with someone who cares about our communities. We feel just as strongly that empowered people create communities that are safe, vibrant and full of opportunity. In your life experience you have known people who have made a difference. In our experience we have found one major indispensable
asset: YOU!


You, the leaders of communities are our most powerful asset. Leaders tackle the issues that beset all of us. Leaders find a way to overcome issues and make things work.


Volunteers. Youth or retirees.

The Canada One Family Network (COFN) is a registered not for profit organization incorporated in the province of Ontario. We have recently amalgamated the services of several organizations with highly talented and qualified people who have developed within the Chinese Cultural Heritage offering many years of talented services and performances.

We have come together for the love of the ancient Chinese Cultural Heritage which spans many hundreds and in fact thousands of years. Here we have gathered our knowledge, skills and love for each of our individual art and performance forms to educate through entertainment and teaching to everyone. We are reaching out to all Canadians in many areas.

Volunteers Positions Available

1) Writer Translator – Competent writer in English and Chinese. Able to translate between languages competently for articles (up to 4 pages long), promotional materials, brochures and short phrases. Most written materials will be pre-written. Some editing will be required

2) Administration – Data entry. Filing. Coordinating center and admin requirements. Basic book keeping.

3) Publishing Artwork – Create simple artwork, edit pictures, design magazine pages, brochures, newsletters and posters.

4) Event Organization – Set up, coordinate; exhibitors, performers, administrators, organizers, delivery, locations, logistics.

5) Center Coordinator – Be the face of COFN, welcoming public and phone reception. Concierge.

6) Seminar Leaders – Lead seminars and small group tutor for a variety of subjects.

7) Summer Camp Coordinator – (ECE) Extra Curricular Education for children.

8) Community Promoter – Promote our Icon Magazine and Events to the community via press releases, posters in community centers and community information areas.

9) Delivery and Set Up Coordinator – Various items (typically less than 20 kilos) will require transportation and moving and set up for events.

Note: Some or all positions may become paid as budgets and requirements allow, depending on performance, attitude and competency.

Why Volunteer?

There are surprising benefits to being a volunteer. But let’s first allow us to clear out some common and often misplaced doubts:

1) “You appear to work for free and without any return of value.”

It’s true not for profit and charitable organizations rely heavily on the volunteer workforce. Most such organizations have little or minimal financial resources. Even the directors or people who start and operate them are often unpaid for many years. It is the desire to benefit the community at large that often drives many such success stories.

2) “Is There a Return of Value?”

COFN recognizes all of our volunteers with certificates and letters. We train all our volunteers in community leadership and the etiquette of greeting the public in person and on the phone. This is a skill in great demand. Next, volunteers have the opportunity to learn the skills they would require exactly as learning an income earning job. Many volunteers go on to earn gainful employment.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact (437) 340-5469

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