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Lilian (Xiaolei) Yang

Lilian (Xiaolei) Yang is a member of the Artist Society of Toronto. Born in Beijing, China, Lilian began her Pipa studies at the age of 8. She studied with the renowned pipa soloists and musicians, Liu Gui-lian, Kuang Yu-zhong and Sun Wei-xi from the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music. Lilian has performed as a Pipa soloist countless times at the Beijing Concert Hall and Forbidden City Concert Hall.

Ruan & Pipa
Beginner to Advanced 

Ruan is a plucked stringed instrument from China. It was named after Ruan Xian in the "Seven Sages of Bamboo Forest" from the Western Jin Dynasty. Before the Tang Dynasty, this musical instrument was also called Qin Pipa or Qin Hanzi. After the Tang Dynasty, due to the large number of quiang Pipa introduced into China, the name "Pipa" was taken, so it was named after Ruan Xian, who was good at playing this instrument.

Pipa is a Chinese-style quiang pipa that combines the characteristics of the Chinese straight pipa and the western region quiang Hu pipa. The shape of this type pipa was established during the Ming Dynasty.

400 Esna Park Dr. Unit 21,
Markham, ON, L3R 3K2

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