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The 7 th AGE OF LITERATI Cultural Festival

“Natural Arts”

Activity I Open Ceremony & Elegant Gathering
Address: New Kennedy Square, 8360 Kennedy Rd. Markham
Date: October 1 st , 2022 1:00 -4:00 pm
Wang Wei –Tang Dynasty Poet Selected New Book Launching
Poetry recitation, Performing arts, Tea ceremony, etc.

Activity II Virtual Art Exhibition: Natural Arts

Activity III Virtual Poetry Recitation: Wang Wei and Tang Dynasty Poetry
Date: October 1 st , 2022 

Activity IV Concert Natural Arts -From Tang Dynasty to Contemporary
Date: October 7 th , 2022 7:00-10:00 pm
Address: Flato Markham Theatre,171 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham


Canada One Family Network

Presents The 7 th AGE OF LITERATI

Cultural Festival

“Natural Arts”

王维诗歌朗诵比赛评委评分 - 结果.jpg

An Open Ceremony of the 7th anniversary of the Age of Literati Culture Festival presented by Canada One Family Network (COFN), held on Oct 1st, 2022 in New Kennedy Square.

Canada One Family Network is an Ontario-registered not-for-profit organization, presenting Elegant Gatherings with Wang Wei Selected Poets English Version New Book Launching, Go Master’s Workshop and Tournament on Oct 1st as well as virtual Art Exhibition and Poetry Recitation programs and the themed Natural Arts Concert To Celebrate Markham Culture Multiculturalism.

The celebration program is full of excitement. The Open Ceremony and Elegant Gathering started at 1 pm with a lion dance performance and ribbon cutting. Tea ceremonies, poetry recitation, poetic songs, cultural dance performances, etc. attracted thousands of audiences to the Hall. And The honorable mayor Frank Scarpitti and Deputy Mayor Don Hamilton, Councilor Isa Lee from the City of Markham, and retired Councilor Jim Karygiannis from the City of Toronto participated in and marked lion eyes to wake up the lions for the open ceremony.  



Virtual Art Exhibition: Natural Arts


COFN is pleased to introduce traditional literati paintings and calligraphies with poetry and lyrics from Tang Dynasty literati Wang Wei’s Selected Poems,

and Guqin melodies as background music, as an expression of natural arts.


These are lost mainly forms of "Literati Four Arts." This art exhibition introduces two masterful artists with traditional literati styles.


Canada One Family Network Hosts

the 7th Age of Literati Cultural Festival

& Chinese Recitation Contest


Canada One Family Network Hosts

the 7th Age of Literati Cultural Festival

& Chinese Recitation Contest

In order to carry forward the literati culture,
promote Chinese poetry, improve the reading comprehension of Chinese lovers, demonstrate the beautiful rhythm of theChinese language and the natural innocence of classical literature, Canada One Family Network (hereinafter referred to as “COFN”) is hosting the 7th Age of Literati Cultural Festival along with a Chinese recitation contest.

The theme of the event is “Learning Chinese and Reciting
Classics.” We warmly welcome all Canadian students (aged3-18) learning Chinese to actively participate.

Outstanding Instructor Award: Instructors
whose participating students won the Gold Award,
Silver Award or Bronze Award.

“From Tang Dynasty to Contemporary” Concert


Toronto Ya-Yue Art Center, Lat Yip Dragon & Lian Dance Group, Hong Feng Canadian

Chinese Orchestra, Happy Linda Dance Studio, Global Youth Charity MC Club.


The Natural Arts-From Tang Dynasty to Contemporary Concert presented to the audience in

the aesthetic atmosphere of the classical music of the literati era’s Tang Dynasty. The concert

introduces multicultural and powerful Tang style music & dance, poetry from Dun Huang

heritage to contemporary expression with the integration of literary aesthetics. It is a

gorgeous picture scroll of natural arts.


Canada One Family Network Hosts

the 7th Age of Literati Cultural Festival

& Chinese Recitation Contest

Photos of Artists

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