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Celebrate Canada Multiculturalism Day

To celebrate Canada Multiculturalism Day, the 7th anniversary of Canada One Family Network, and Mandarin Culture Association, the Celebration Community Open House was held from June 26 to 27 at 400 ESNA PARK DR. MARKHAM,

as well as a community Sound Resonance Summer Concert at

25 Old York Mills, Toronto.

"After the pandemic, we ushered in a day of reopening and continued to serve our communities. Over the past seven years, our center has provided a variety of music and art education services for the community from toddlers to the elderly, holding several large-scale cultural and artistic festivals and concerts every year, providing teaching and performing arts platforms for local professional artists, as well as serving
Canada's multicultural community and traditional literati cultural and artistic heritage," said Zhu Yanyan, president of Canada One Family Network.

The celebration program was full of excitement, opened by the Lat Yip Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe with the Vigorous Lion Dance.
Honorable Aris Babikian, MPP from Scarborough- Agincourt, Councilor Nick Mantas from the City of Toronto, Councilor Isa Lee, and Amanda Yueng Collucci from the city of Markham participated in the community celebrations.

With Yanyan Zhu, and Huijie Ma, president of
the Mandarin Culture Association and the Hualian Seniors Club, they jointly woke up the lions and Caiqing (picking green).

"Thanks to councilors, our community partners, and colleagues’ help and support for the elderly association, we will better serve the community and do our best for the active community," 

said Ms.Ma.

The children of Merry Dance Studio and Kiyomatsu Taekwondo brought energetic dance and martial arts performances, and Fountain of Youth brought Daoyin Rhyme dance and Tai Chi performances. Our local community musicians Cory and Nana from the Awesome Music Production brought original music. Calligraphy artists Bruce Kwok Sing Cheung, Xiangmin Li, and Weixing Wu demonstrated the art of
calligraphy to the young people in the community.

The Sound Resonance Summer Concert, to Celebrate Canada Multiculturalism Day in the evening, was a high-caliber music concert, presented by the Canadian Chinese Orchestra and the Ontario Cross-Culture Music Association. The music and chorus programs were both traditional and contemporary, and the conductor Joanna A'gnone, wind musicians Huimin Li and Lipeng Wu, pipa player Xiaolei Yang, and guzheng player Lina Cao are also professional instructors of music programs at the COFN Education Center.

The Canada One Family Network Education Center has provided programs all year round, cultivating a large number of young generation folk music performance talents for the community, and also providing teaching and rehearsal venues for the vibrant choirs, folk orchestras, and various art groups in the community.

Benefiting from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the COFN will also provide high-quality online video teaching courseware production and services for the community to help cultural heritage projects in the post-epidemic era.


Yanyan Zhu said, "The current reopened music
education projects include various music instruments, choirs, orchestras, art education projects including oil paintings, watercolors, traditional water-ink brush painting, calligraphy, seal carving arts and crafts, and traditional sports education projects include Xingyi, Bagua, tai chi, yoga qigong, Daoyin, taekwondo, etc.
The center will also launch a set of classical Chinese education projects to establish a teaching base for the inheritance of community culture."

Contact email:

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为庆祝加拿大多元文化日暨一同家园文化中心,汉语言文化协会成立七周年而举办的6月26日至27日社区开放日活动在一同家园文化中心,400 ESNA PARK DR.MARKHAM
开心舞蹈学校和​清松跆拳道的孩子们带来了活力四射的舞蹈和武术表演,太极韵养生导引会馆带来导引健身韵律舞蹈和太极表演。Awesome 音乐中心的音乐家Cory和Nana带来原创音乐。中心书法艺术家张国昇、李祥民、吴卫星为社区年轻人现场挥毫,示范书法艺术。
晚间庆祝多元文化日的乐声夏季音乐会由红枫华乐团和安省汇艺音乐协会联袂献演一场高水准的音乐艺术精品音乐会。音乐与合唱节目既传统又当代,参与演出的指挥Joanna A'gnone、管乐演奏家李惠民、吴立鹏、琵琶演奏家杨晓磊、古筝演奏家曹丽娜,亦是中心民乐教育的专业指导老师。

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Click the posters for a more zoomed-in version.

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