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Professor Donghua Feng

 erhu teaching and performing professional artist.


Huiming Li plays traditional Chinese instrument flutes, BILI, SOUNA, XUN, XIAO, DIZI, etc.



Pipa tutorial by Lilian (Xiaolei) Yang, a Pipa (Chinese lute) musician, is a member of the Artist Society of Toronto.

Chinese Calligraphy

Li, Xiangmin, art director of painting and calligraphy, curator, art judges, former (retired) Dean of Luoyang Longmen Grotto Art Institute, researcher, member of Chinese national calligrapher association, photographer association.


Chinese Painting

Chinese Painting Tutorial by Ren Ya, Chinese painter, member of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, won the Gold Medal for Excellence in Ink Painting, and the Artist Award for Contribution to Cultural Heritage.

Peking Opera

Li Sheng was born in a family of artists. She started studying opera at the age of 9. At the age of 15, she entered the Shenyang Peking Opera Theater with excellent performing arts skills and became a professional Peking Opera actor.



Yang Jizong, He is a former standing committee member of the Beijing Xing Yi Quan Research Association, the third generation of Sun Style Tai Chi, the fifth generation of baguazhang, and the sixth generation of xing yi quan.

24 Postures of Therapeutc Chi-Kung Taichi

Tutorial by Xiao Dan Yang. The traditional martial arts syllabus encompasses not only fighting techniques, but also healing techniques and systems for optimizing personal health and well-being.

india Dance.PNG

Traditional Indian Dance

Vaishali Panwar, is the artistic director of Toronto based art organization Panwar Music and Dance Productions and is a well known Kathak dancer, an exceptional choreographer and a very dedicated dance educator.

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