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Lecture on the Annual Fortune of the Wood Dragon Year

For friends aspiring for smooth life, successful careers, harmonious families, and abundant wealth, Please do not miss this lecture on insightful analysis of the Dragon Year fortune. Registration is available for both offline and online seats.

Guest speaker: Xuan Lin

Founder of Zhonghua I Ching Network(中华易学网), Life I Ching Platform(生活周易平台), and I-Living Platform(易生活平台). Chief Designer of Wining Five Elements Feng Shui Furniture(赢胜五行风水家具), and Feng Shui Consultant for Zhonghua Life Network(中华家居网). Proficient in various divination techniques such as Four Pillars of Destiny and Xuan Kong Feng Shui. Xuan Lin is an experienced teacher in the field of applied metaphysics with years of teaching and practical experience.

In 2017, Xuan Lin established the Life I Ching online learning and application platform, dedicated to disseminating and applying various metaphysical knowledge. The platform has registered more than 8,000 students and professionals to date.

Xuan Lin emphasizes the integration of theory and practical application, advocating the synergy between learning and practice. This principle is well reflected in the Life I Ching platform that he created.


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20240127 Lecture on the Annual Fortune of the Wood Dragon Year
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