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COFN is actively looking for people to donate unused equipment or musical instruments. We are highly active in seeking funds from all parts of Canadian society. However, sometimes little treasures remain unused in a basement or garage or simply using space in the living room. We have been building on many aspects that our community offers which include cash, equipment and volunteers through much goodwill. However, with donations in kind such as musical instruments, computers or furniture, we have put them to good use. They have allowed us to offer classes at very low rates to people who would otherwise could not afford music classes.  In case you are still unsure in case we get too many pieces of musical instruments, we will always offer them to students to use who could not otherwise afford them.

The Canada One Family Network (COFN) is a registered not for profit organization incorporated in the province of Ontario. We have recently amalgamated the services of several organizations with highly talented and qualified people who have developed within the Chinese Cultural Heritage offering many years of talented services and performances. We have come together for the love of the ancient Chinese Cultural Heritage which spans many hundreds and in fact thousands of years.


Showcasing Greatness in our Society

At COFN we have gathered our knowledge, skills and love for each of our individual art and performance forms to educate through entertainment and teaching to everyone. We are reaching out to all Canadians in many areas. We have gathered musicians and performers of many areas of highly developed standing. Even western music and from other cultures is sometimes offered as part of our ongoing outreach to the communities we serve.

Canada One Family Network specialises in offering public performances of the performing arts; we offer public exhibits of painting, calligraphy, and other exceptional quality art forms that encompass the Elegant Gatherings of the Literati or Gentry. The tea ceremony with the elegant gathering of like minded people of good standing is a regular feature of our events.

These people are often the very best in their field, yet we almost never know about them. COFN changes all that. In fact we provide the platform for these performers and artists to shine and become known in their community. This is a sense of pride we offer them. In return we can say with pride that we have brought smiles to these wonderful people. Many are indeed seniors but we have younger people who take pride in their very own achievement.


Community Caring

It all starts with someone who cares about our communities. We feel just as strongly that empowered people create communities that are safe, vibrant and full of opportunity. In your life experience you have known people who have made a difference. In our experience we have found one major indispensable asset: YOU!

You, the leaders of communities are our most powerful asset. Leaders tackle the issues that beset all of us. Leaders find a way to overcome issues and make things work.

As we expand and grow, we have planned a series of corresponding hiring of people who intend to have meaningful, satisfying paid employment. Come grow with us and help our communities grow.


We are looking for volunteers who wish to enjoy meaningful work. Please contact us for volunteer positions availability which will offer you meaningful experience equivalent to other hiring positions. For example, we may require Writer Translators (English and Chinese), Administrators, Event Organisors, etc. Some or all positions may become paid as budgets and requirements allow, depending on performance, attitude and competency.


So, with heartfelt request for our community, please call us to donate equipment or musical instruments which might otherwise go unloved. We will gladly arrange for delivery and provide you with a receipt of your donation.

Please e-mail us at:

Why Canada one family network needs your help

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Thank you for your donation!

Why Canada one family network needs your help
Our mission is to provide educational resources and opportunities for communities to discover and learn wisdom of ancient Literati culture.
COFN has been supporting the community arts and cultural heritage events and providing community services for all ages and backgrounds. 
This is why the need for donors is so great. 
We support education and empowerment for youth leadership development.
We promote peace and positive senior arts development. 
We break the cycle of racism and hatred by creating excellence of performing arts activities and educational workshops.

When they donate $100, you get $200 value benefits 
Whole year concerts tickets
Published educational items
Newsletters with invitations of whole activities 
We offer a simplified solution to securely collect donations by credit card, E-transfer, and more—without paying any transaction fees!

COFN 一直支持社区艺术和文化遗产各类活动,为所有年龄段和文化背景的人提供社区服务。


捐赠 100元,您将获得 200 元的超值福利
我们提供简化的解决方案,通过信用卡、E-transfer 等方式安全地收集捐款,无需支付任何交易费用!


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