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Concert Natural Arts -From Tang Dynasty to Contemporary

The 7 th AGE OF LITERATI Cultural Festival

Activity IV

Concert Natural Arts -From Tang Dynasty to Contemporary


The 7th anniversary of the Age of Literati Culture Festival,themed Natural Arts Concert -From

Tang Dynasty to Contemporary presented by Canada One Family Network (COFN), is held on

October 7, 2022, from 7 - 10 pm at Flato Markham Theater, 171 Town Centre Blvd, Markham.

The Concert introduces multicultural and powerful Tang-style music & dance, and poetry from

Dun Huang Grottoes heritage to contemporary expression with the integration of literary

aesthetics. It is a gorgeous picture scroll of natural arts.

Canada One Family Network is an Ontario-registered not-for-profit organization, presenting

Elegant Gatherings with Wang Wei Selected Poets English Version New Book Launching, Go

Master’s Workshop and Tournament on Oct 1st

as well as virtual Art Exhibition and Poetry

Recitation programs and the themed Natural Arts Concert To Celebrate Markham Culture

Multiculturalism. (

The celebration program is full of excitement, dragon and lion dance, Chinese symphony

orchestra, poetry recitation, poetic songs, cultural dance performances, etc. attracted thousands

of audiences to the theatre and online broadcasting. And The honorable mayor Frank Scarpitti

and Deputy Mayor Don Hamilton, Logan Kanapathi MPP, Billy Pang MPP from the City of

Markham, and retired Councilor Jim Karygiannis from the City of Toronto participated in the


“ It is a high-caliber music concert with both traditional and contemporary programs”. said

Yanyan Zhu, president of Canada One Family Network, “The traditional dance art of the Tang

Dynasty was the culmination of a new level of maturity, driven by the dance techniques of the

Han Dynasty and the convergence of Chinese and foreign music and dance in the Northern and

Southern Dynasties. The strong national power, the openness of society, and the ability to fully

absorb and integrate all nationalities and foreign cultures are the reasons for the flourishing of

the dance in the Tang Dynasty”.

The composer is also wind musician Huimin Li and the orchestra conductor is also Erhu

musician Amely Zhou. Professional musicians, dizi player Lipeng Wu, pipa player Xiaolei Yang,

guzheng player Lina Cao, zhonghu player Donghua Feng and artisans from Toronto Ya-Yue Art

Center, Hong Feng Canadian Chinese Orchestra, and Lat Yip Dragon & Lian Dance Group,

Happy Linda Dance Studio, and Global Youth Charity MC Club to present to the audience the

classical music, dance, and poetry of the literati’s Tang Dynasty.

Poetry recitation contest attracted children reciters who love Chinese poetry and prose in the

community. Expert judges Yang Jizong, Zhai Naigang, Gao Yuan, Lin Lin, Huang Guangyan

and the public professional judges gave comprehensive scores of all the reciters. Gold, silver

and bronze awards were selected for the three of the children's groups.

Thanks to the diamond sponsor Soil Engineers Ltd, Aero Future Canada, EPS Care

Technologies Inc. Greennel International, Canada Daoyin Yangsheng Center, and numerous

golden sponsors, Also more than 20 community partners, including International Photographers

Union and more than 20 media organizations giving full support to this culture and art festival.

“We couldn’t have held this festival without the continuous support from our community

sponsors, local businesses, and local artists,” said Yanyan. “I would also like to thank Heritage

Canada, the Government of Ontario, and Celebrate Markham for providing us funding, and

supporting Canada’s multicultural heritage.”

Canada One Family Network and community partners have involved more than 50 sponsors,

businesses, and ethnic communities from Markham, Scarborough, and the GTA to promote

local economic and cultural activity in recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please visit for further information


由加拿大一同家园文化中心(Canada One Family Network, COFN)主办的第七届文人

时代文化艺术节主题自然艺术音乐会-从唐朝到当代,于 2022年10月7日晚上 7 点至 10 点

在万锦剧院 Flato Markham Theatre举行。音乐会将多元文化和大唐乐舞,以及敦煌石窟

遗产中的诗意和乐舞融合当代文学美学表达, 形成一幅道法自然文人艺术画卷。



艺术的音乐会。 (

















说,“我们与来自 Markham、Scarborough 和 GTA 的 50 多个赞助商和社区合作伙伴共同参与努

力,促进本地经济和文化活动,帮助社区从 COVID-19 大流行中恢复。同时还要感谢加拿大联邦





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