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6th Age of Literati Culture Festival

COFN presents to the community an Elegant Gathering online. In the ancient Chinese traditions, the gentry knew to the west as the Literati come together and shared their knowledge and built friendships with the community and visitors from far and wide. In a similar way, COFN plans to do the same with Live Traditional Chinese Classical Arts, Literati Painting and Calligraphy Workshops, Book Presentation, Go Contest, as well as Tea Ceremony (the traditional way to present and drink tea together as equals). Activities includes: Energy Arts of Tea Seminar & Workshops, Energy Arts of Landscape painting, and Energy Arts of Calligraphy Seminar & Workshops. This year, we are introducing Energy Arts of Natural Incense Arrangements and Flower Arrangements, and the ancient poetic wedding ceremony, etc.

For videos of this event, please visit the COFN Youtube channel:



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