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Asian Heritage Month Celebrations 2018 with Canada One Family Network

The Asian Heritage Month Celebrations 2018 with Canada One Family Network was held in 4 locations in the three cities of Markham, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. Many people may not realize that the month of May is Canada’s declared month for Asian Heritage celebrations. Yes, it is for ALL Asian people to stand up and show Canadians who they are. This year we had people of South Asian descent (Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lankan), Chinese, Korean, Kazakstan, Persian participating. All of those who attended and participated enjoyed knowing about each other.

This series of events were truly a multicultural demonstration of Canadians.

There were demonstrative seminars, traditional classical music, martial arts, a movie screening and art displays held at:

  • Council Chambers in the Markham Civic Center, Council Chambers, 101 Town Center Boulevard, Markham, L3R 9W3 on the 19th of May 2018; from 10.30 am to 5.00pm – Seminars from multiple cultural groups.

Regional Councillor Nirmala Armstrong and Director COFN YanYan Zhu

in City of Markham Council Chambers

  • The Martial Arts Training Center, 563 Edward Avenue, Richmond Hill, L4C 9W7 on the 20th of May 2018; from 10.30 am to 5.00pm – Martial Arts Demonstrations of Multiple Disciplines.

  • Splendid China Mall, 4675 Steeles Avenue E. Scarborough, M1V 4S5 on the 26th of May 2018; from 12.30 pm – 5 pm – Multi-cultural, Asian Groups Cultural Performances and Entertainment (music, dance, songs).

Some of the Organisors at the Splendid China Mall

Asian Heritage is culturally wide and immensely diverse. Sets of identities often define each culture as a specific people, sometimes as a race or through a regional distinction. Asia being a huge continent of long standing development, stretch from the Persian peoples in the western side to the islands of South East Asia to the very far east, civilisations have become distinct in their own unique way. Their diversity has always been known in their unique expressions of music, dance, martial arts, behaviours, foods, languages, buildings, artistic creations, clothing and what they will consider as proper or preferred in their cultural mores. Far more often than history which suggests these are the reasons for the many wars and military action, it is the friendships, cultural exchanges and trade which predominate most of their existence here on Earth.

Organising Committee :

Ms. Nirmala Armstrong (Regional Councillor, Markham); Ms. YanYan Zhu & Stephen Chua (COFN): Ms. Kamlesh Oberoi, South Asian Cultural Heritage Performance Organizer.

We thank all the people who made this event a success by being inclusive of everyone while many groups only cater to their own cultures or race. It is a brave thing accomplished.

Stand up for who you are.


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