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Age of Literati

The Age of Literati is Canada One Family Network’s Annual Cultural Festival with support from The City of Markham . We celebrate by bringing the culture of Ancient China’s gentry called the Literati. Being a Literati is a lifestyle which develops ones intelligence, health, well being and to support society to thus create a world where peace and prosperity for all reigns. Even an orphan girl or boy can rise to the greatest ranks of the gentry Literati through the often free education. They may develop one or all of the following skills but are taught all of becoming: Physicians, Yi Jing, Martial Arts, Go and Chinese Chess(to learn strategy), Scientist, Poets, Calligraphist, Artist, Musician, Singer or Scholar. Even the emperors of the ancient Chinese dynasties were of the Literati culture. One of the most important adherence of the Literati is that of each man or woman is an equal. Each is entitled to ones opinion and respected thus. Even discussion between the emperor and the fellow Literati were treated as an open discussion and advice. The respect of a Literati is not about financial wealth but of ones development in wisdom.

Canada One Family Network is holding our next Literati Cultural Festival in October 2017. Please come celebrate with us. It will be a most educational series of events and beneficial to one and all.


The 2nd “Age of Literati” Cultural Festival
“Memories of the Great Wall”

The Directors of Canada One Family Network take great pleasure to invite you to celebrate with us on our annual Literati Cultural Festival in Markham. This unique celebration consists of an art contest, an art exhibition with seminar and a special gala performance event. This festival brings to the Canadian public the great cultural developments present in ancient China during the time of the Literati and is in acknowledgement of the long and rich history of Chinese Canadians’ multicultural contributions to the heritage of Canada. This is a great opportunity for Canadians across the country to enjoy and savour the richness of their cultural heritage contributing to the growth and prosperity of this great land and to celebrate Canada 150. One and all are graciously invited to join us. As we present performances including: uplifting classic and traditional music, poetry recital, opera, traditional dance, art exhibition, and enjoy our tea ceremony. Expected more than 3000 people will come and enjoy the power of knowledge within the era of China’s renowned Literati. It is our sincere wish that everyone in Canada can enjoy the ancient traditions of the Literati brought to life in these modern times.

We make great efforts to connect with businesses and many individuals in the business communities to support our community. We are proud to say that we have made significant connections for investors, for example: Real Estate Developers from China, media investments, nutrition and other business ventures across the Greater Toronto Area. It simply means we have also benefited the smaller communities too. We would be pleased if you would be our guests during our next Age of Literati Cultural Festival or even step up to become a community spirited sponsor.

Event I: Contest of Artworks of Calligraphy, Painting, Photography Time: October 8, 2017, 11.00am -4.30pm
Venue: Scarborough Civic Center, 150 Borough Drive, Toronto, ON M1P 4N7 Agenda: 12.00pm to 1.30pm Foreword by VIP; Announcement of Winners and Prizes Award Contest is open to All Canadians

Event II: Open Gala and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Time: October 10, 2017 Tuesday 6: 00-7:00 pm
Venue: Markham Theatre, 171 Town Center Boulevard, Markham, ON L3R 8G5

Event III: Concert: The Age of Literati – Memories of the Great Wall
Time: October 10, 2017 Tuesday 7: 00-9: 30pm
Venue: Markham Theatre, 171 Town Center Boulevard, Markham, ON L3R 8G5
Please note that for events II and III please RSVP for tickets; call or email us.

Event IV: “Elegant Gathering “- a Traditional Literati Culture Workshop
Time: October14, 2017, Saturday 10:00am -4:00pm
Venue: Varley Art Gallery of Markham, 216 Main St Unionville, Unionville, ON L3R 2H1

Agenda: Tea Ceremony: 10:00-10:45am Pu’er Tea Workshop
(ancient Tea trade road culture)
Music Concert: 11:00-11:45am Guqin Music and Ya-yue Culture
Art Workshop: 12:00-1:00pm Literati Calligraphy/Painting from HeLuo
(Yellow River)
Poetry Concert: 2:00- 2:45pm Poetry Singing by Youth Orchestra and Choir
Kids’ Art Tour: 3:00-4:00pm Experience the Joy of Brush

The 2nd Age of Literati Cultural Festival in funded in part by Heritage Canada’s Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage-Local Festivals program and City of Markham’s Celebrate Markham-Culture Events program.

Please kindly consider our invitation and attend our open gala and ribbon cutting ceremony of the festival, as well as the Markham Theatre concert (please RSVP for complimentary tickets) and Varley Culture workshop events and Art Exhibition. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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