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Mission Statement

COFN is a Center for the Literati Knowledge and Arts; where Canadians of all ages including seniors, adults, youths and children intermingle in mutual respect to support and benefit from each other in cooperation, tutorship, mentorship, education and entertainment. We offer support from business and professional support and networking.



COFN aims to raise the standards of awareness and respectability of the performing arts (music, dancing, musical instruments, songs, recitals, opera, painting, carving, calligraphy, martial arts, health and wellness, tea culture) and artists of Chinese Traditional, Ancient and Cultural origins and their acceptance by the communities through exposure, exhibits, entertainment, magazine publication and education. Our Literati Seniors are our treasure trove of experience and knowledge. With their advice, mentorship and tutorship COFN delivers through Events Organization and an Educational Center to introduce Chinese Heritage to the Canadian mainstream society with the intention to become part of Canada’s Multi-Cultural “One Family”. COFN exists through sponsorship in cash and kind, donations, volunteerism and the leadership of the community.

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