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Respect Each As Equals

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Respect is to each as equals is a developed way of life taught in 5 minutes but takes a lifetime to master. Being equals starts as a foundational principle taught from childhood; as one is treated one responds likewise. This Literati way is reinforced throughout life. On this foundation builds the society’s trust of one another through actions. So I think I do.

To some respect and being equal sounds like a cliché because in these times most people have become accustomed to learning that respect only comes about through tyranny. Not so the Literati way. Respect for each other comes first in their psyche.

At COFN we like to say this is brought about as a foundation of our reason to exist. However, it is in our members and directors who simply live this way. Well, granted there will be issues that come to challenge us but then when one treats the issues accordingly as equals, respect develops and in fact we find we can trust to gain greater expansion of our ideals.

Can we all live this way even if life seems so difficult and challenging? We say absolutely so! Do it once and one will find a more peaceful resolution and feeling of peace. Do it again and again and soon treating others as equals one gains the respect of society.


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