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Lion Dance

Canada One Family Network Martial Arts Course #3

Chinese Martial Arts Lion Dance Beginner Course

(6-12 years old)


Hong Quan, Shaolin Boxing basic skills,

Lion drum technique, basic lion dance skills.


Chinese Martial Arts Lion Dance Intermediate Course

(13-19 years old)


Hong Quan, Shaolin Boxing,

Lion drum technique, lion dance technique

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Martial Arts Instructor: Master Lat Yip

The Federation of Canadian Wushu Groups awarded the National Martial Arts Teacher Class 8 dan. Originally from the Hakka people in Zijin County, China, born in Vietnam, Master Lat Yip has loved kung fu lion dancing and drumming since he was a child. After immigrating to Canada in 1986, he went to Master Cai Songsheng to learn Hongquan Kung Fu, lion dance and drum art. Later he was guided by Master Liang Yong of Renyitang to improve his lion dance skills. In 1993, he began to teach Chinese martial arts lion dance in a martial arts hall. In 2006, he created the Lat Yip North & South Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe, which is active in the community in promoting the younger generation to inherit the traditional Chinese martial arts culture.


Offline teaching time: Start date: After August 1 (you will be notified after registration)

Course Fees Classroom teaching, twice a week - 15$/class

once every three months - 390$

630$ for two half-year periods

The annual fee is 990$ for four installments.


Registration address

400 Esna Park Dr. Unit 21, Markham ON L3R 3K2

Contact: Mr. Zhu

Website registration address:

Accept Payments:


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