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The Asian Heritage Culture Festival has successfully completed

The vibrant Asian Heritage Culture Month in May has come to a close, along with the successful Asian Heritage Culture Festival. Starting from April, the organizing committee worked tirelessly to prepare for a week-long series of events, including the opening ceremony, art exhibitions, multicultural performances, and a food carnival. Building upon the momentum from last year's Renaissance of Culture Arts Festival and five Chinese traditional Spring Festival celebrations, Canada One Family Network, promoting traditional cultural arts, received tremendous support from a dedicated and united team. As a result, the Asian Heritage Traditional Cultural Arts Festival gained high recognition and praise from the entire community.

Two Members of Parliament, Ms. Jennifer O'Connell and Mr. Shaun Chen, representing Scarborough, as well as Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis from Alberta, made special visits to the festival at Bridlewood Mall. They delivered congratulatory speeches, expressing their wishes for Canadians to cherish the beautiful multicultural home, and work towards eliminating racial discrimination and prejudice. Mr. Aris Babikian, Member of Provincial Parliament for Scarborough-Agincourt, attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech, encouraging community integration and providing more opportunities for the future of young people, nurturing more community leaders, and contributing to the prosperity of the country. Councillor Jamaal Myers from the City of Toronto and Councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci from the City of Markham also attended the opening ceremony, representing their respective cities to congratulate the success of the cultural festival.

During the festival, more than 100,000 visitors from various regions and across Ontario participated in the Asian Heritage Traditional Cultural Arts performances and savored Asian cuisine. Each day was filled with joyous crowds and positive energy. Everyone told us they would definitely come back next year!

The Asian Heritage Traditional Cultural Arts Festival extends its gratitude to over 60 community partners for their generous support. Special thanks to Heritage Canada, the naming sponsor Areo-Future Canada, the media naming sponsor Yorkbbs, the venue sponsor Bridlewood Mall, and the hundreds of dedicated volunteers.


来自世嘉堡市两位国会议员叶嘉丽女士和陈圣源先生,以及来自阿尔伯塔的国会议员Garnett Genuis 特别造访Bridlewood Mall艺术节现场,分别发表祝贺演讲,祝愿加拿大人珍惜多元文化的美好家园,消除种族歧视和偏见。

世嘉堡爱静阁省议员白必勤先生出席开幕式,并到演出现场演讲,希望鼓励加拿大人的社区融合、为青少年的未来提供更多机会,培养更多社区领袖,为国家的繁荣做更多贡献。世嘉堡市北议员Jamaal Myers 和万锦市议员杨绮清出席开幕式,代表多伦多市和万锦市祝贺文化节成功举办。


亚裔传统文化艺术节感谢来自社区的六十余家社区合作伙伴的大力支持。特别鸣谢Heritage Canada,加拿大文化遗产部、冠名赞助商Areo-Future Canada、媒体冠名赞助商Yorkbbs约克论坛、场地赞助Bridlewood Mall、数以百计的义工团队。



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