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Literati Today

Young woman works from home

The Literati today are the very people who keep these traditions and knowledge alive through their love of the ancient arts and performing arts as we call them. During the ancient days when the Literati was the way of life, one holds in high esteem these arts were not merely a past-time like they have been relegated to today. These activities were very much the developmental methods of the Literati. One learns by doing with the purpose of excellence.

Each activity such as the tea ceremony extols the virtue and practice of elegance, civility, meditative focus, offering appreciation, but perhaps most of all, developing the camaraderie of the mastermind. Through trusting friendships is born of great ideas and greater societies. Playing the Go and Chinese Chess is the method of developing strategy and envisioning the greater good before its development. One starts the game without anything on the playing field of the universe of the game board. This development is of great importance for military and other strategic requirements of running an empire. The learning of painting and calligraphy is used as the development of pleasure and development of the mental acquity. Many artists and calligraphers were the greatest generals and Literati figures of all time. Musicians were also often the ones who develop to become the greatest minds and martial artists of the time. Poetry was also used to develop the teaching methods. The applied sciences also came about with the development of health and well being which included the ideal agricultural methods.

As one may understand, these activities are still available today. It is the development of excellence and focus that separates the good from others. Therefore it is the development and purposeful excellence that separates chaff from rice or wheat. So if one understands this, then one can simply discern who the Literati of today are.


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