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Huiming Li

Dizi Performer and Educator

Huiming Li

Herman (Huiming Li) was born in Shaanxi Yu Lin, China. Under the influence of his
father, he began to play Suona and learnt the northern Shaanxi traditional music ever since he
was eight years old. In 2004, he graduated from the Hongkong Asia School of Music.

He then furthered his studies at China’s first contemporary music school, the Beijing Midi Music School and the Jazz department of Nmit Academy in Melbourne, Australia. From 1998 to 2003, he was a Suona performer at the Shenzhen (Jinxiu Zhonghua Development Co., Ltd.). He performed at the Extemporaneous Jazz Music Festival in China and Germany, Shenzhen Pengcheng Ge Feiyang Original Music Festival, Hong Kong International Poetry Festival, ‘Soho’ Poetry Festival, China and Germany Electronic Experimental Music Festival, Toronto Xing (The Nutcracker Doll) Ballet and so on. In 2006, Li Huiming became the Music Director at Toronto Xing (soul dance) Ballet. He was the original music composer and director for the debut performance of the Shenzhen ‘Heart’ Orchestra in 2007, and joined the Canadian Chinese Orchestra as a music



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