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Socially Associating Professionals with Culturally Based Activities

Canada One Family Network (COFN) is a registered not-for-profit organisation focused on bringing together and showcasing various asian cultural arts.

COFN supports Traditional Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts for Canadians

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Canada One Family Network

Flower Display

Upcoming Events

Elegant Gathering
Flower Arrangement and Incense Ceremony
Culture Workshop

10:30 am - 12:00 am

Jun 22, 2024

Angus Glen Library

3990 Major Mackenzie Drive East

Cinema Complex



We offer our seniors in our community a place where they are welcome, treated with respect, reduce their isolation, offer them a place where they can learn many activities and keep their minds and bodies active.


Promote your business or corporation as a sponsor. It’s effective as our clientele are often your target clientele. The advantages of event sponsorships are significant. People see you. Your representatives can speak directly to real live people as this is not cold calling.


Volunteer and Join Us As A Canada One Family Network Leader
You must have noticed true leaders are needed to better humanity. As our communities grow, leaders become a critical requirement. We are very much seniors focused.


The Directors of COFN are always making advancements of benefits to our members such as:

  • Savings on group insurance​

  • Discounts for other business and personal services

  • Promote musicians and artists to demonstrate their talents publicly, to all Canadians

  • Helping promote businesses

  • Educate children and anyone in many aspects of the arts, music & language

  • Socially integrating culture with businesses and the Canadian Public

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