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The Second Scarborough Market Music and Food Festival will kick off this weekend!

The Scarborough Fair Music Festival will take place for two consecutive weekends at Woodside Square and Bridlewood Mall.

Over the course of two weekends, each lasting three days, local musicians from diverse ethnic backgrounds will showcase a rich tapestry of world music, infused with ethnic flavors and cultural nuances. For enthusiasts of fine cuisine, there will be a diverse array of dishes to savor, fully satisfying the palate's cravings and discerning tastes. Simultaneously, there will be free-access art and craft workshops, painting sessions, and a children's playground, making it a fantastic gathering spot for families with kids!

This event has garnered significant attention from the community. Shaun Chen, MP-Scarborough North, and Raymond Cho, the Provincial Representative for Scarborough North, have expressed their gratitude in letters, thanking the organizers for their contribution to community activities and extending their best wishes for a successful Scarborough Fair Music Festival.

This weekend, from August 18th to 20th, a special World Music showcase will take place at the outdoor south parking area of Woodside Square Shopping Center (located at the northwest corner of Finch/McCowan, 1571 Sandhurst Circle).

The following weekend, an indoor "Back to School" special music performance will be held at Bridlewood Mall.


Scarborough Fair Music Festival 连续两周周末在Woodside Square 跟 Bridlewood Mall 举行。




本次活动受到社区的高度关注,世嘉堡北区国会议员陈圣源(Shaun Chen MP-Scarborough North) ,世嘉堡北区省议员Raymond Cho 致信感谢中心对社区活动的贡献以及 预祝Scarborough Fair Music Festival成功举办。

本周末8月18日至20日世界音乐专场,在Woodside Square活力商场 户外南边停车场举办(Finch/McCowan 西北角,1571 Sandhurst Circle)

下周末在Bridlewood Mall 举行室内返校专场音乐演出。



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