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A Community Leader Arnold Chan Passes On

MP Mr. Arnold Chan has passed on. COFN knows him as an outstanding community leader. The directors, members and volunteers of Canada One Family Network offer our condolences to his family; his wife Jean; sons Nathaniel, Ethan and Theodore. Many people we know are understandably dismayed and much saddened.

MP Arnold Chan enjoying a Yaji or

“Elegant Gathering”

Mr. Chan will be missed but not with sadness at COFN. In fact we have fond memories of him. We find that we much prefer to celebrate his achievements and celebrate the life he led instead. We know he had been ill for some time and showed his courage through it all demonstrating his love and support for his family, community and country.

Mr. Arnold Chan (June 10, 1967 – September 14, 2017) was a Canadian lawyer and politician, who was elected to represent the riding of Scarborough Agincourt in the House of Commons of Canada in the 2014 by-election and won again in the same riding in the October 2015 election with the Liberal Party of Canada.

While in parliamentary session in Ottawa, in his final speech in Parliament he implored MPs to “elevate” their debate.

He was singled out for praise of his conduct by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, saying she set an example that other MPs should aspire to follow.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on Facebook while visiting Mr. Chan, “He was still cracking jokes — and insisted on playing piano and making me sing. We laughed and cried that day, and I’ll always cherish that visit and all the times we spent together.”

“Arnold, you have a beautiful family and my thoughts are with your wife Jean and your three sons, Nathaniel, Ethan, and Theodore. They are fine young men, just like their father. Rest in peace my dear friend,” he said.

MP Arnold Chan enjoying a Lecture

of a Chinese Tea Ceremony.

In the years we at COFN have known him, he has always been an active participant and campaigner for the health of the community and the events that make Canada unique. Through it all, he was always had a smile for everyone with that pleasant and charming persona; a most amicable person to be with.

To his family, we hope you will all celebrate his life as we do. Yes, we will keep our fond memories.



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