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Court Music

Court music is an offering to the world (to Heaven, Earth and Ancestors) – with recitation, singing, and dancing – for ceremonies or gala dinners.

Court Music of Ancient Chinese Traditions

Thousands of scholarly works from similarly many of the Literati culture including Confucius admire the Literati as demonstrating the highest example of music for peace and royalty. Lyrics are pure and eloquent.

Collected poems of “Book of Songs” (Twe Ziegan, Two Ya, Da Ya, Xiao Ya), mostly included Western Zhou Dynasty poetry. Court Music is usually used in the palaces for ceremonial purposes (Ya-Yue, Gala Music) and separate from music for amusement.

The raising of the Literati class also brought development of poetry recitals as a cultural standard. Singing and literary recital opera which became another important aspect of the court music.



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