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Canada One Family Network Presented the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival at Bridlewood Mall

Toronto – On February 10th 2024, the Canada One Family Network (COFN) presented the Year

of the Dragon Spring Festival celebration as a lunar new year festivity that all could attend. The

event included dragon and lion dances, blessings from the God of Fortune and Wealth, and a

special spring festival calligraphy workshop. Local artists groups and youth groups also brought

performances and workshops to celebrate.

Director of COFN, Yanyan Zhu, says “The Year of the Dragon Spring Festival is a great way to

showcase our local artists, performers, and youth groups, and celebrate the new year together.

Thank you to Bridlewood Mall for the venue sponsorship, the 60 participating community

organisations, and our title sponsor YorkBBS for making this celebration possible!”

The event also invited MP Jean Yip, MPP Aris Babikian, Councillor Nick Mantas, and Mayor

Olivia Chow to attend the VIP speech at 3 pm, and join in on the festivities.

“It is an excellent opportunity for Canadians to enjoy and savour the richness of cultural heritage

of our Asian communities and their contribution to the growth and prosperity of this great land,”

writes MPP Aris Babikian in a support letter to COFN’s event.

The Canada One Family Network was incorporated in 2015, with a mission to focused on

supporting traditional cultural heritage and performing arts for Canadians. During this time, the

Canada One Family Network has since expanded to offer a variety of orchestra, arts and choir

programs and has also successfully held many cultural festivals and concerts across Southern



Yanyan Zhu

416 399 7129



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