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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

September 29-October 1

Woodside Square Community Stage, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough

The three-day celebration incorporates Canadian multicultural arts and has many highlights.

Ms.Doras Chong and Heidi (Mother and daughter )and Peter Yuen performed a Mid-Autumn Festival themed classic folk music concert, children's pianists Kitty and Eric performed piano solos under the guidance of teacher Helen Han and the CAST Youth Orchestra String Quartet brought classical music to the vibrant shopping mall community stage. Thousands of audience enjoyed the classical music.

Herman Li and Jimmy Li band, Coral Dance Team, Ruby Art Troupe, Wu Sheng, Mr. Steven Sum, Triplets Dance Group, Tai Chi teacher Sun Guoyan from COFN, and MK Singing School from the local community, brought singing, dancing, and Tai Chi performances to the stage.

MP Shaun Chen came to the event to bring holiday greetings to the people and presented the moon cakes.Thousands of attendees enjoyed the happy and warm Mid-Autumn Festival..

May we wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, family reunion, happiness and good health!

Thanks to the diamond sponsors Wukong Education, Mesi Kangchen, and Beauty & Vogue for their strong support to the vibrant community stage helping artists and musicians perform in the community, and bringing a joyful atmosphere to our community to celebrate the festival.

Welcome all the families come to join us to celebrate traditional festival with performances, arts & crafts show, and business promotion.

Inquiry contact: (437)340-5469

加拿大一同家园文化中心9月29日至10月1日在Woodside Square活力商场社区舞台主办中秋节特别庆祝活动,家庭团圆、合家欢乐为主题,以古典诗词歌赋、传统歌舞武术、特色糕点月饼等形式诠释传统中秋佳节的文化传承。为期三天的庆祝活动融进加拿大多元文化艺术,亮点多多。

钟睦珍母女和Peter Yuen 夫妇共同演绎的中秋主题民乐经典音乐会、韩丽老师指导的少儿钢琴演奏家Kitty 和Eric 的钢琴独奏,CAST青少年乐团弦乐四重奏将古典音乐带进活力商场社区舞台,大受观众欢迎。

来自本地社区的Herman Li 和Jimmy Li 乐队组合、珊瑚舞蹈队、红宝石艺术团、吾生、沈国强先生、三胞胎劲舞组合、一同家园文化中心太极老师孙国艳、MK Singing School带来歌舞、太极表演,现场数千观众尽享快乐温馨的中秋佳节。








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