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Canada Day Volunteers on Parade

COFN celebrates Canada Day too.We have found that more new immigrants actually want to get involved in their new settled land of choice. They consider participating in a Canada Day parade a great honour. Obviously just look at their enthusiasm as they are actually having fun.It is a fine thing that groups are still very much invovled in showing their love for Canada. This year is Canada 150, we should make it a point to at least participate in some celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday!

Chinese Ladies on parade downtown

Toronto on Canada Day

May we remind that organisers and the people of Canada to support these groups who put on a celebration with cash or kind. A little goes a long way. For example, we need to provide water and or lunch as necessary. Organise the logistics for them to form up and even washroom facilities. These nice people often travel quite long distances so paying for their transportation is just par for the course. We often also raise funds for their costumes. Your donations or sponsorship will come with benefits such as media coverage and exposure all over Canada and even China.

Ms. Esther How leads this group of ladies of various ages downtown on parade. She tells us that some organisers unfortunately simply abuse the goodwill of these fine ladies. They are simply left to pay all costs with no word of thanks from these organisers thereafter either. Shame on such people.



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