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Canada One Family Network hosted The Winter’s Warm Sun Shire Community Concert

The Winter’s Warm Sun Shire Community Concert hosted by Canada One Family Network at the Vibrant Woodside Square this weekend Nov 17-19, 2023 came to an end in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. Not only did the local award-winning musician Wayne Manner bring original music, but also musicians from the Philippines, Africa, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China sang with great voices. Toma Dance’s family and friends group encouraged the children to sing and dance enthusiastically, which directly ignited a fire in the winter. It was so warm!

Thanks to Woodside Square for sponsoring venue facilities, Yorkbbs as the media title sponsor, Wukong Education, Meisi Kangchen, Beauty & Vogue as diamond sponsors.

COFN will continue to host celebration activities during the Christmas Dec 22-24, and New Year Dec 29-31, 2023.

During the events, there are still a few booths available for rent in the mall. Merchants are welcome to book the booth sponsorship. For information:, 437-340-5469


不仅有本地获奖音乐人Wayne Manner带来原创音乐,还有来自菲律宾、非洲、印度、巴基斯坦、香港、台湾和中国大陆的音乐人带来精彩歌声。


感谢Woodside Square对场地设施的赞助,Yorkbbs作为媒体冠名赞助商,悟空教育、美思康辰、Beauty & Vogue作为钻石赞助商。






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