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New Year's first Literati cultural lectures - Tai Chi elegant gathering

Markham Public Library organized 2024 New Year's first Literati cultural lectures —Tai Chi elegant gathering, presented on January 6, 2024, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM at the Unionville Library in Markham.

Ms. Zhu Yanyan from Canada One Family Network presented the lecture on the origins and culture of Tai Chi, and led the audience in practicing Tai Chi Qigong techniques.

Participants personally experienced the energy of Tai Chi, felt the changes in qi and blood circulation, and underwent the process of energy cultivation and enhancement. Sifu Sun Guoyan demonstrated Tai Chi Quan, (boxing) showcasing entry-level Tai Chi Quan-Eight Methods and competitive-level Tai Chi Quan-Chen-style 56-Form. Ms. Zhu Yanyan spontaneously performed Qin music.

Special thanks to Chin-Tea Inc. for sponsoring the tea ceremony, demonstrating tea art to the audience, and providing heartwarming Pu'er tea and red tea.



孙国艳老师现场演示太极拳, 入门级的太极八法,竞技级的陈式五十六式太极拳。朱彦晏老师即兴演奏古琴音乐。


Streaming Replay ( 直播回放 )

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